Talks and Presentations
Dark side of Android apps modularization
June 11, 2020
This talk is about modularization of the Android apps. Modularization is a big hot topic in the last couple of years and we've jumped on the train too here at Ackee. But this talk will not be about rainbows and puppies and about how everything is perfect with modularized app. I would like to talk about darker sides of modularization, the questions that are shady and noone has the right answer for.
Anko – Modern way to build your layouts?
September 21, 2017
Anko is a library from creators of Kotlin that serves as alternative to XML layouts with Kotlin DSL style approach. In this talk will be discussed how to use Anko, how does it work under the hood, tips&tricks from production (5 our apps in Google Play Store are running on Anko) and finally comparision with XML.